Elise's Testimony

As a little girl your parents are your best friends so when they separated and we moved from the West to the East coast, I held onto a fantasy that they would someday get back together. When the divorce was finalized my world shattered.

I felt very unsure of myself and tried to suppress these feelings. My insecurities led me to an eating disorder, always striving for a standard that I could never meet. It wasn’t long before I was introduced to the drug scene and I began abusing pain killers to numb the feelings I couldn’t avoid. It soon became the very thing I lived for, an addiction I could not control. It ruined my relationship with my family and I craved that lost relationship with my Father especially, so I looked to relationships as well. I found myself in the most miserable place of my life. Outpatient rehabilitation programs did nothing and it seemed my life was spiraling out of control. I had even influenced my younger sister in the same direction.

Oxycontin and Ecstasy were the only two things that brought me any relief but the coming down was hard and I was so depressed many days I could not even get out of bed. The cycle I was stuck in seemed to have no escape until my parents found Teen Challenge.

God met me here at Teen Challenge and began healing me from the inside out! I came angry and bitter and unwilling, but God began to wash away all the hurt I had carried for so long and showed me He had a plan for my life…a good one, not one for destruction. My entire thinking about life has changed as God has renewed my mind and I know I am a new creation in Him. he has given me direction and purpose and restored my family relationships. I have a burning desire to serve Him and now as a graduate of the program I am a full time intern pouring that same hope and healing into lives like mine.

Thank you for making this possible for me.



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