Lifeline Group Support


Lifeline is a non-residential community-based effort to address the coping skills people use as they journey through those storms. Lifeline uses bible based curriculums in a confidential, caring atmosphere to train individuals to live free from problems that master their lives and keep them functioning normally within their own family and community.   Eastern Appalachian Teen Challenge staff are Lifeline certified and offer Lifeline training classes on an ongoing basis throughout the year.  We also offer training for those who wish to facilitate and conduct group support programs to members of their church or community.

Life controlling issues usually fall into three main categories:

  • Substance~drugs, alcohol and prescription medication
  • Behavior~gambling, pornography, ect…
  • Relationships~codependency, unhealthy relationships

Groups offered through Lifeline

Insight Group
Support group that discusses the upward path to Christian character as descibed in 2Peter 1:3-11. The group covers the issues of life controlling problems, and effective biblical routes of escape as well creating a life long plan for living free.

Concerned Person’s Group
A group specifically designed and targeted to help families of those struggling with life controlling problems and to offer hope.  Some topics covered include:  boudaries, enabling, and co-dependency.

Stepping Into Freedom
A 12 step faith-based recovery group that ultimately can be condensed into 1 step: Turning to Christ and Living Free.

Restoring Families
A small group ministry that helps families come to grips with abuse and violence. This groups deals with topics such as: wounded emotions, forgiveness and reconciliation, and boundaries.


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