About Us

Our Purpose and Mission

Over the last twelve years, our commitment to a distinctive mission has remained firm: We are committed to enabling and equipping those we serve to find freedom from addictive behavior, to become socially and emotionally healthy, physically well and spiritually alive. Teen Challenge reaches out to people from all backgrounds, with a particular emphasis on women, men, youth, minorities and the urban poor.

Teen Challenge’s outreach programs are innovative, relevant, and contextual. These outreaches are functioning in public schools, community centers, jails, detention centers and on neighborhood sidewalks. They are designed to make a transformative difference in people’s lives.

Teen Challenge is a Christian outreach center to help people who are having difficulty functioning effectively and responsibly in society. Candidates that need pastoral counseling or biblical training can enroll in one of our many group support programs that go on throughout the year. Other candidates that need more intense intervention can apply to one of our many residential centers nationwide. Eastern Appalachian Teen Challenge is not a medical or mental health program, but a crisis center where students can be educated and trained in the biblical principles that lead to a happy, healthy and productive life.
Counseling and Admissions

Our staff members do not profess to be licensed, professional counselors, but instead biblical educators and pastoral counselors trained by the American Association of Christian Counselors that understand, care, and desire to train others to learn a new way of life. This new life can be defined as developing a personal intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and becoming a student and follower of His word.

At Teen Challenge we understand that prior to being admitted into a residential program, some applicants will have abused drugs and/or alcohol as a means of dealing with their life controlling problems. Since we are not a state licensed drug and alcohol treatment program, we ask that applicants who are addicted become detoxed prior to

their admission. For the safety of all of our residential students applicants that have a history of exhibiting violent behavior toward others will be denied admission.


The ministry provides outreach programs with staff members governed by strict policies and procedures. In an effort to ensure the integrity of the ministry, a Board of Directors, District Director, Executive Director, and a Teen Challenge National Accreditation Board govern these policies and procedures. As a 501-C-3 not for profit organization, it is audited annually by an independent auditor and a certified public accountant reviews all financial transactions each month. Recently, Teen Challenge, USA located in Springfield, Missouri accredited Eastern Appalachian Teen Challenge, Inc. as an honors program.


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